Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weekends: Canoeing

 I love a weekend that feels good and long because it's jam packed with adventures. This weekend did not disappoint. Canoeing is slowly becoming something Dj and I are falling in love with. We've been searching for a canoe for what feels like forever, and may have stumbled across a good one on craigslist (fingers crossed) and if all goes through it will definitely get it's own blog post, because duh. Since we don't have our own yet, we headed out sunday morning to Riverbend park to rent some.

The weather was so nice. The humidity was low (which is not usually the case here in South Florida in May) and the breeze was perfect. Dj had family visiting from Pennsylvania, so what better to show them Florida then to get them up close and personal with some alligators and other less threatening wildlife. If you're looking for a place to get up close and personal with some nature, this is most definitely the place to go. I mean when you can touch an alligator with an oar and a half, I think you can categorize that to: pretty much as up close and personal as you can get.
Side note: when you are in the front seat and you spot the first one when coming around a bend (and it is a foot from you) it may be a little terrifying and you may or may not row furiously in the other direction to get away. In the process of splashing your oar like a mad women, you might scare it off so no one else gets to see it. But, that's all hypothetical of course ;) It will get better (and slightly less terrifying).

Canoeing is a funny thing. The person in the back controls the main steering. BUT A good hard turn can come from the front paddler simply sticking their paddle into the water sideways and - bam - just like that, you missed that stump, made a turn,  and can keep on paddling. Really, the ability to make the thing go in general depends a lot on team work + communication. I am so thankful for Dj who can do anything and everything (and that's a post for another day, but seriously- he can). The boy can row a canoe like nobody's business, not to mention, he deserves a high five for the amount of patience he had with me. (Listen, it's hard to think about which way you have to row to go that way - and turn this way - and go backwards that way, okay?)

Teamwork + communication are such key factors in canoeing and (in my opinion) a relationship in general. Not to brag or anything (ok I'm bragging), but we totally rocked the heck out of canoeing and we do a pretty solid job in the relationship department. I mean we have our moments like anyone else, but teamwork and communication are a few of the main reasons we've made it here, almost nine years later, in our relationship.

As we canoed we kept a steady pace and maneuvered through all the bends and cypress knees with ease; thanks to Dj's amazing directing from the back. He spoke to me the whole time in a cool calm tone and didn't even get mad when I rowed the wrong way; in fact, he would just let out a little chuckle and remind me which way I should be rowing. I quickly got the hang of it and we totally looked like we knew exactly what we were doing. It's so simple to get mad and frustrated with someone just because you're more knowledgeable at 'said task' then they are, but in doing so, it will just create more stress and they'll probably be worse at it. Remember that.

I can't wait to get back out there (hopefully in our own canoe-!!!) soon. Anybody else have any good canoe spots in Florida? We can't wait to find some more!

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