Wednesday, May 14, 2014

ORGANIZE IT: Planner organization

Okay, so I love a good planner, but I always seem to have trouble finding one I am 100% happy with. Lots of pocket storage, a functional calander/daily planner, tabs, list room, etc. are not always easy to find all wrapped up in one package. Unless, of course, you customize your own. I can finally say I am 100% satisfied with this planner I pieced together, and hopefully you can take some pieces of this and make your own functional planner to fulfill all your organizing dreams ;) First, the Binder. I found this little gem at, none other than, the amazing: Target. It is the perfect size to toss into my purse and pull out when I need to jot something down. It doesn't seem to be sold online, but find it in the school + office supply section near the binders. There is a bunch of fun patterns and colors to choose from.

I like a functional sticky note. I keep one on the  inside cover if I need to remind myself of some things I have to do over the course of the week or if I don't have time to really find the page + date in my planner, I can go back and put it in place later. A good divider is also important to keep a planner organized. I couldn't pass up these little guys (also found @ Target right above the mini binders). The pockets are amazing for the same reason above, not having time and needing to organize stuff later, or if someone gives me a recipe, note, etc. I added my own tabs to them with a little piece of washi tape just folded over and wrote on them with a permanent marker. If I ever want to change them, I just peel it off and add a new piece.

This calendar/daily planner is seriously the best one I have ever come across (excuse the blankness, I haven't really planned out this week very well yet). It's from Martha Stewart @ Staples and I mean, really, go get this now. It has monthly and weekly views and a little tasks bar. The weekly views are broken down into morning, afternoon, and evening and there is two blank rows on the bottom to add some daily to-do's, daily dinner plans, workout schedules, kids schedules, etc. I can't rave about this calendar enough, it really covers everything. The price may seem a little steep, but trust me, it is worth every last cent. (tip: sometimes I like to use a piece of washi tape to highlight important things)

Sometimes I find myself scribbling down notes on paper for my daily to-do's and then either leaving them there or ripping them out and tossing them, because they're just for that specific day. So I picked up some mini clear page protectors + a dry erase marker, and voila less waste and it's easy to wipe away and plan for the next day. I plan to find some fun scrapbook paper and slide it into the page protector to make it a little more fun, or make some of my own patterns, but for now this works.

Where do I keep all these special planner supplies you ask? Well in my very own mini file pocket folder (found @ staples) in the back of my planner of course! I like to keep mine stocked with a permanent marker, pen, pencil, sticky notes, washi tape, and page flags. All of these are great tools to help keep organized and keep a functional planner. Sometimes I like to keep a few paper clips, binder clip, etc. in there. (to-do pad, washi tape, pencil, + page flags found @ target) 

I am so happy with the way this planner functions for me in my everyday life. It may not work for everyone, but these are just some components you can add to your current planner or mix and match as needed. This is what helps me stay organized and plan things out so they aren't so jumbled in my head. Hopefully it's equally as helpful to you! And if you have any other fun ideas, I'm all ears!

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