Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Origrami = love.

So, I am pretty fond of instagram. Don't get me wrong, it's not like having my camera - but it's just an easy way to capture/edit life on the go. When I heard of Origrami I instantly placed an order. How fun to have your instagram photos in polaroid version! Such a fun idea and they execute the design perfect.
They print them on thick & premium 250gsm satin paper, which I really love. On the front is your instagram picture and the back has fun old cameras and film, but if you geotag your pictures a map with your pin-point will be on the back, which looks really neat. There is so many possibilities with these.  And if you can't just yet decide (ugmm ugmm me) just display them randomly through your home! [Right now my frogs are holding them up, and it makes me happy (photo below)] And the packaging - genius! So simple/fun/super sweet/amazing/anyotherwordyoucanthinkoftodescribetheawesomeness.
 Head on over and check them out, order some, then give me some ideas on how you use them! 

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