Thursday, January 10, 2013

Changing it up- 365: A daily dose of inspiration


I decided that 365: Things that make me happy was just not going to happen a little too ambitious. I have class T/W/TH and work all day, so it just wasn't feasible to take my camera and get pictures of things (and a lot of what makes me happy recently due to my crazy schedule is sleep). I have a lot of doodle time in my day and that's what sparked my new idea. I LOVE typography. Fonts/handwriting/doodles you name it- iloveit. I am constantly writing quotes, words, sayings, etc. and doodling all around them, just for fun. So, I decided I am going to do 365: A dose of daily inspiration I am going to hand write and doodle quotes/words/madeup/etc. inspiration. I am kind of excited about this and I think I will really enjoy it. I am going to keep up with the Things that make me happy bit, but it will only be every so often. I am also still going to keep my number count, which makes today: day 10 ( I totally skipped 9, but who likes 9 anyway ;] )


sometimes you just have to...

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