Sunday, January 6, 2013

Better late then never: A trip to Georgia.

Our highlight of 2012 was most definitely our trip to georgia (well besides Our Engagement of course). We took the ten hour trip with our good friends alllll the way to Atlanta. We went for five days, and boy did we make it count. Our first stop, to the Country Living Fair

If you've never been- GO. It is so amazing; seriously. You spend the whole time ooh-ing and ahh-ing at everything. It's basically every crafter/thrifter/antiquer/decorators/etc. dream. 

We spent most of the day there oogling, spending money, wishing the things we really wanted weren't twice the amount we had with us, and really just taking it all in. 

It was not cold enough to get all dressed up in cute winter clothes (us FL girls don't get to do that too often) but the fall leaves were a dream. 

The vendors create such fun and magical booths and displays. We took this one over at the The Robin's Nest. Her stuff is so unique. The year before (2011) I bought an amazing vintage quilt. I am still in love with it. After we spent a bulk of our day there, we headed over to Amanda's parents place, which was about and hour away and spent a couple days there, picking our way through Antique/thrift shops. It. was. so. fun.

Next stop was Savannah, GA. If I pack up and move tomorrow, there's a good chance you could find me here [or Portland, OR]. Oh Savannah, iloveyou. We walked, we ate, we shopped, we walked some more, and we didn't want to leave. We were only here for a day, but it was well worth the stop. Oh and this shop- it's love.

We had a great trip and ended it in St. Augustine, FL before we headed home. We can never get enough of it, we're addicted. Can't wait until our 2013 trip- because we are SO doing a repeat of last year.

And here's a fun road trip picture:

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