Monday, January 7, 2013

A locket.

The other day I posted about this cutie in one of my 365 Challenge: Things that make me happy posts. I received an Etsy gift card for christmas [definitely a great gift idea!] and was searching for the perfect thing to use it on. I somehow stumbled across this bracelet, and the rest was history [haha over dramatic?] but really, I was ecstatic. And I knew the perfect thing to place inside..

My Grandma passed away this past November (2012) She was young. It was hard. I miss her a lot. We were close and she always gave me great advice. I wanted this locket so I could still always keep her with me- not just at heart but, always by my side. I think she would agree that it's pretty perfect. 

I love lockets; I just don't love them around my neck. I'm not really a necklace type person, but if you give me a bracelet, I'll love it forever. I love how dainty it is and that it's a cuff, so I don't have to worry about the locket part always sliding to the underside of my wrist. 

I am completely obsessed with it. I almost want to buy another one, just incase anything happens to this one, because I might cry (no seriously, I might.) if something unfortunate does happen.

If you are in love with it as much as me [GREAT NEWS!] the shop owner of Diament Designs is giving YOU 20% off your order! Just use the code FRIEND when checking out over at her shop Diament Designs. She's very sweet and has a lot of other fun things in her shop, check it out! Let me know of anything you fall in love with!

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